Crooked Skirt, Vol. 1

by First Dress

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Here is the debut of First Dress. This is a very raw and personal project. I don't really know what genre it falls into, all I know is that it is a cathartic mechanism. The lyrics are mainly about things that I feel like saying, things that I want or need to talk about or say but for whatever reason, I can't. I honestly don't expect anyone to like this or anything but now that I've done these three tracks, some of my anger seems to have subsided. My innate fears are still there but I doubt they will ever leave. I doubt the anger that I perpetually feel will ever leave. I doubt I will ever get better. There are lyrics with each track if you know how to get to them or care to know what they are.

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released January 8, 2017



all rights reserved


Dakota Snaketail Willis, Texas

This is a collection of noise from Dakota Snaketail.

(Shakhbûrz is Black Speech for 'Dark Lord'.)

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Track Name: Fear, Pt. 1
I'm afraid
To wear a dress in public,
To let people know,
To let people see,
The female parts of me.
I'm afraid.
Track Name: Fear, Pt. 2 or Genetically Fucked
My mother tried to kill herself when I was young. The last time I spoke to her in person she told me, "If you want to kill yourself so bad, then just do it."

My father killed himself on Halloween in 2014. I hadn't spoken to him in ten years.

(My brother told me I should have killed myself a long time ago.)

The last time I tried to kill myself was March of 2015. I overdosed on Lithium and Seroquel and went for a walk. I hoped I'd be dead before anyone could find me but I was wrong. I don't think I'm done trying to kill myself.

I lie to the doctors when they ask if I have thoughts of hurting other people: I do every day.

I lie to the doctors when they ask if I see or hear anything that no one else does: I do every day.

I have lightening and lava in my brain. There are other people living inside my brain. Sometimes they have more control over this body than I do. I don't even know which personality 'I' am, or if 'I' am even real.

I'm afraid that my daughter will grow up and have a diseased brain like me. I'm afraid I have no future. I'm afraid I'll fail.

I am afraid of everything around me because I don't know what is real and what isn't.
Track Name: F.Y.R.F.
Fuck your rapist friends.
Fuck your apologist friends.

Fuck Ryan Connolly:
If you come near us again
You'll get fucking knifed too.
You deserve to have your name
Sliced into your throat
And your name is rapist.

Until then you have
Blooded magick coming for you.
You all have it coming for you.

You all deserve the worst.